Friends of Lakeport

For information on joining our friends group, the Lakeport Pillars, click here.

Friends of Lakeport was established in 2002 to support the Lakeport Plantation project. Over the past six years, this group has contributed financial and personal resources, as well as gifts of time. The Board of Directors for Lakeport Plantation includes:

Billy Adams, Lake Village

Donna Angel, Lake Village

Sam Angel, Lake Village

Sammy Angel, Lake Village

Debby Bland, Co-Chair, Lake Village

Laurie Bridewell, Lake Village

Bland Curry, Wilmot

Jim Lundy, Lake Village

Carol Meyer, Eudora

Princella Nowell, Greenville, MS.

JoAnn Pugh, Portland

Beverly Rowe, Co-Chair, Lake Village

Joe Dan Yee, Lake Village