Jacob Garner – Emancipated February 24, 1829

On February 24, 1829, Jacob was emancipated by Mary Ann Garner of Chicot County, Arkansas.  It is believed he took her last name and continued living in Chicot County until at least 1830.  Jacob Garner is listed as one of seven “Free Colored Persons” in the 1830 Census for Chicot County, Arkansas Territory.  His exact age is unknown.  The 1830 Census listed individuals by age group.  Jacob was listed as “Of twenty-four and under 36.”  He may have been born between 1794 and 1806.

According to the 1830 Census, Chicot County had a population of 1,165.  Seven individuals were listed as “Free Colored Persons,” 270 were enslaved individuals, and 888 were white.


Chicot County Deed Record Book A, Page 65, cropped, recorded February 5th, 1829.

1830 Chicot County, Territory of Arkansas Census. Lists Jacob Garner as “Free Colored Person.”