Lakeport Technical Reports

Much of the technical work for the restoration was documented and complied into technical reports.

Technical Report #1:  Parge Coating
Technical Report #2:  Chimneys 
Technical Report #3:  Foundation & Footers
Technical Report #4:  Windows
Technical Report #5:  Shingled Roof
Technical Report #6:  Guttering & Sheet Metal Work
Technical Report #7:  Cornice, Siding & Paint
Technical Report #8:  Lakeport Porches
Technical Report #9:  Braced Frame Construction
Technical Report #10:  Smokehouse & Mechanicals
Dendrochronology Report: Tree-Ring Dating of the Lakeport Plantation House and Shed, Chicot County, Arkansas, David W. Stahle and Matthew D. Therrell (Tree-Ring Laboratory, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville), May 2003
Archeological Investigations at Lakeport Plantation: Randall Guending (Arkansas Archeological Survey), May 2003

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